Investment Date: May 2018

Minority Shareholding

Status: Realized

Exit Date: October 2022

Sold to: DOC Generici

Return (MoM): 2.5x

Medivis is a pharmaceutical company focused on the research, production and marketing of ophthalmic products. Since its foundation in the early 2000s, Medivis has created innovative solutions for the maintenance and improvement of visual function and boasts over 14 international patents for the treatment of ocular pathologies.

The Company markets its products both in Italyand abroad, and has recently launched a new nanoparticle ophthalmic solution containing low concentration iodopovidone (IODIM) for the protection of the ocular surface of patients subject to recurrent infections, as well as for preparing the eyes for ocular surgery. In addition to IODIM, among the most representative products of Medivis’ portfolio are Cortivis (an eye drops based on hydrocortisone and hyaluronic acid, which today represents the first choice cortisone by the Italian ophthalmologist for all inflammations of the ocular surface and which holds a 10% market share in the ophthalmic cortisone segment) and Septavis (sodium hypochlorite-based kit solution, the only product on the market that sanitizes and disinfects the periocular area of ​​patients suffering from blepharitis).