Salpa Special Food

Salpa Special Food


Investment Date: June 2021

Minority Shareholding

Status: Realized

Exit Date: December 2023

Sold to: Apheon

Return (MoM): 3x

Salpa is a leading producer of high-quality ice cream cookies, chocolate decorations, covers, inclusions and toppings, gluten-free products, cookie dough and breadcrumbs for top multinationals in the ice cream, yogurt and confectionery industries and retailers.

Globally recognized for its uniqueness and distinctive proprietary technology, Salpa has been for over 40 years a technological partner for several global clients, including multinationals such as Unilever, Froneri, Nestlè, Ferrero, Mars, Sammontana, Findus, etc. The domestic market generates 65% of sales (mainly with international customers), while the rest of the business is generated abroad with a strong focus in Scandinavia, Spain, UK, Indonesia, Malaysia and the United States.